Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Final Entry of St. Mary's

Where does time go. Last week was our last week at St. Mary's and it was a sad day indeed. For 5-Alive and I we had a bland day with but learned a lot about managing equipment. We didn't get to play or have fun with the kids since we were put on equipment duty. We had to build two shelf's and organize the closets for the St. Mary's P.E. staff. Even though it wasn't what we wanted to do for our last day we did it anyway. We put the shelf's together and put them in great spots and cleaned that place from top to bottom. Lets just hope it stays that way for a while. I am happy though we did get to end the day with a song, the YMCA. Everybody has a great time dancing to that song and it was a great way to end the day and the year. Goodbye students and staff of St. Mary's! You have taught me much about myself and helped me develop as a student and teacher. Thank You!

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