Monday, November 30, 2009

Things To Be Thankful For

I am thankful for having such great classmates for this year in motor development and all of the children at St. Marys. This year has been great and I look forward to many for year with working with children. My group (5-Alive) and I had such a busy weekend preparin for our class skits on Tue. so Mondays lab suffured due to us not being really prepared but with did the best with what we had. Mentally I could see that not only my group but others were just ready to perform their skit and have a break from school. I hope to make up for last week this week. My group though did have a few ideas for the children to work on some skills but nothing for the weeks kicking and stainary jumping skill. We were also didn't know we would be in the gynasim with the children but we should still have had been prepared. After, the games with moved downstairs were we played games, colored and talking to the children. We then moved but up stairs for some free time. The children are not the only ones that love free time secretly the adults love it to. We finally ended the day with a great dance the cotton eye joe. Everybody had a blast and it's sad to say that we have only one more lab before the fun has ended.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall is in Full Swing

Some of you might be wondering what my title may mean. Well it means that the season Fall is deffenitly here because I was attacked by a handful of pre-k children, each with a load of leaves to bombard me with. It was the most fun I ever had getting baried alive with leaves in my life. Working with the pre-k kids has made me think about maybe not working as a middle/high school physical educator. They are so much and don't have attitudes yet. They listin well and really know how to have fun with the most basic of things. I admire them for that becuase as an adult we forget along the way how to have fun and I make it a point in my blogs that these children remind use to have some from time to time. The good times continued in the classroom where there were only 6 children in the room. I guess everbody wanted to be outside on such a nice day but we had just as good a time inside. I started with drawing a picture, then moved on to an all boys group working with the blocks then I finished off with a shapes game. Next, was the best part of the day. My group (Five Alive) and I had to make an obsical course for the pre-k children. We made the game age apropreate and from their reactions they had such a wonderful time with such a basic course. We ended the day with an activity that all enjoy and that ways playing with the giant parashoot. We had diffrent task and games to complete, which everyone had a blast doing. Week in and week out I get a better understanding of the diffrent levels children are at and how their psycomotor functions develop over time. I can't wait for next lab.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kids Reminding Us How to Have Fun

Last week at St. Mary's Elementary school was once again a blast. Last weeks theme was halloween but I was disapointed that nobody dressed up. My group and I started off in the cafeteria and spent around 15 mintues talking to the kids about their week and interest that they have. Then we moved to where all the fun begins, outside on the playground. I got caught up in a game of lava tag with a handful of students and they really remind me how old im gettting. We then proceded to the gymnasim where we played blob tag. Only fitting we played blob tag on a halloween theme day. The kids had fun for about 10 minutes of playing the game and one could tell that they were getting bored and looking for something new to do so we let them have some free time. The children then got a surprise from Suny Cortlands own mascot Blaze the Red Dragon. It was funny to see Blaze get stamped by children all pulling and togging on the costume. I felt bad for the poor soul in that outfit. The day seemed pretty mellow for me and others and it's good to have those days once in a while. There like a free gift and you got to take advantage and enjoy those days because there are many more wild and fun themed days ahead. We closed with a song that was also fitting for the theme, Michael Jackson's Thriller. The group modified the dance to three easy parts for the student's to remember and it was a lot of fun for the children and adults alike.