Monday, November 2, 2009

Kids Reminding Us How to Have Fun

Last week at St. Mary's Elementary school was once again a blast. Last weeks theme was halloween but I was disapointed that nobody dressed up. My group and I started off in the cafeteria and spent around 15 mintues talking to the kids about their week and interest that they have. Then we moved to where all the fun begins, outside on the playground. I got caught up in a game of lava tag with a handful of students and they really remind me how old im gettting. We then proceded to the gymnasim where we played blob tag. Only fitting we played blob tag on a halloween theme day. The kids had fun for about 10 minutes of playing the game and one could tell that they were getting bored and looking for something new to do so we let them have some free time. The children then got a surprise from Suny Cortlands own mascot Blaze the Red Dragon. It was funny to see Blaze get stamped by children all pulling and togging on the costume. I felt bad for the poor soul in that outfit. The day seemed pretty mellow for me and others and it's good to have those days once in a while. There like a free gift and you got to take advantage and enjoy those days because there are many more wild and fun themed days ahead. We closed with a song that was also fitting for the theme, Michael Jackson's Thriller. The group modified the dance to three easy parts for the student's to remember and it was a lot of fun for the children and adults alike.

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  1. It's nice to hear that you felt bad for the poor soul in the Blaze outfit, not many people do. It is nice to surprise the students with something entertaining once in awhile.