Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall is in Full Swing

Some of you might be wondering what my title may mean. Well it means that the season Fall is deffenitly here because I was attacked by a handful of pre-k children, each with a load of leaves to bombard me with. It was the most fun I ever had getting baried alive with leaves in my life. Working with the pre-k kids has made me think about maybe not working as a middle/high school physical educator. They are so much and don't have attitudes yet. They listin well and really know how to have fun with the most basic of things. I admire them for that becuase as an adult we forget along the way how to have fun and I make it a point in my blogs that these children remind use to have some from time to time. The good times continued in the classroom where there were only 6 children in the room. I guess everbody wanted to be outside on such a nice day but we had just as good a time inside. I started with drawing a picture, then moved on to an all boys group working with the blocks then I finished off with a shapes game. Next, was the best part of the day. My group (Five Alive) and I had to make an obsical course for the pre-k children. We made the game age apropreate and from their reactions they had such a wonderful time with such a basic course. We ended the day with an activity that all enjoy and that ways playing with the giant parashoot. We had diffrent task and games to complete, which everyone had a blast doing. Week in and week out I get a better understanding of the diffrent levels children are at and how their psycomotor functions develop over time. I can't wait for next lab.

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  1. Great observations about the pre-k students. I'm glad that working with them has expanded your thoughts about the age group of students you would like to work with. You were a great sport letting them cover you with leaves and it was clear that they were all having fun doing it.