Monday, November 30, 2009

Things To Be Thankful For

I am thankful for having such great classmates for this year in motor development and all of the children at St. Marys. This year has been great and I look forward to many for year with working with children. My group (5-Alive) and I had such a busy weekend preparin for our class skits on Tue. so Mondays lab suffured due to us not being really prepared but with did the best with what we had. Mentally I could see that not only my group but others were just ready to perform their skit and have a break from school. I hope to make up for last week this week. My group though did have a few ideas for the children to work on some skills but nothing for the weeks kicking and stainary jumping skill. We were also didn't know we would be in the gynasim with the children but we should still have had been prepared. After, the games with moved downstairs were we played games, colored and talking to the children. We then moved but up stairs for some free time. The children are not the only ones that love free time secretly the adults love it to. We finally ended the day with a great dance the cotton eye joe. Everybody had a blast and it's sad to say that we have only one more lab before the fun has ended.

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  1. You're skit definitely showed the amount of work that was put in. It is important to always be prepared and it's good that you can pick out your mistakes. Hopefully you enjoyed your time at St. Mary's and were able to discover what it takes to get the kids involved and having fun.